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1. Keynote Wellness Concert

"...the perfect mix of stress relief, motivation and fun"

Inspire your staff, workplace or organization with an unforgettable concert experience. Dale takes listeners on a refreshing journey through the emotions of work and home. An award-winning songwriter and acclaimed performer, Dale cleverly integrates meaning with laughter in a live performance of story and song. From the hilarious to the serious, Dale inspires people to find their sense of humour, their sense of value and their sense of passion for life and work.

In their own words: "Dale's songs strike at the heart of real wellness...Dale refreshes his audience in ways that are hard to describe. He reaches into areas not touched by typical wellness sessions. He encourages expression, reflection and the importance of humour in finding wellness. His songs are about the journey of life, of work and of healing. His stories engage the audience, his humour shines and each attendee is left feeling sunnier about work and all areas of life." - A. Rizzotto, Kailo Wellness Coordinator, Halton Health Care, Ontario

2. Creative Conference Theme Songs

"...provide a lasting conference memory"

Unify your group with a memorable conference theme song. Dale has a unique ability to grasp the emotions of a group and communicate them through song. After researching a group or event, Dale composes an original song, expressing the heart of that group. A theme song is a thrilling way to unify a group and provide a lasting conference memory.

In their own words: "Emergency Nurses from across Canada gave Dale a standing ovation. They laughed, they cried and were touched deeply by his songs that struck at the heart of the joys and struggles of emergency nursing. The song he composed for our national conference was especially touching and highlighted the entire spectrum of life in the emergency department." - C. Gillrie, Conference Chair, National Emergency Nurses Conference (Kelowna, BC)

3. Songwriter on the Hot-Seat

"...unforgettable moments of spontaneity and fun"

In this creative option, Dale personally talks to delegates during their breaks, taking in anecdotes, ideas and stories. He then finds the heart of a group and spends the afternoon composing an original song based on their words. By the day's finale, Dale performs an original song specific to the audience. An exciting way to help delegates express their feelings while giving them song they can claim some ownership in.

In their own words: "Dale took ideas from delegates and weaved them together in a song that he presented at a later session - the song captured the emotions and issues that our delegates are facing in their workplaces...and delighted our group by performing the song he wrote during a keynote session. I would highly recommend Dale...His songs are bound to leave your group refreshed." - D. Jones, Conference Chair, National Health Work and Wellness Conference (Montreal, PQ)

4. Beautiful Background Music

"...create a relaxing environment"

Receptions, wine and cheese events and socials need music to create the perfect atmosphere for socializing and teambuilding. Dale provides soothing background music with a voice compared to James Taylor and Paul Simon. Dale creates a relaxing mood for your reception that will get people talking, listening and enjoying. He is sensitive to any audience and always guarantees a magical mood.

In their own words: "Dale has a gift that needs to be shared. His perspective on life, his interest in people, and his passion come out in his songs and music. A welcome edition to any conference or gathering. His session is bound to be a popular one." - R. McPhee, Past Superintendent of Elk Island Public Schools (Sherwood Park, AB)

5. The All Day In-Betweener

" innovative way to keep delegates on track"

Information overload is a typical dilemma for seminars and conferences. This innovative session provides the perfect natural recess for your meetings to keep delegates on track. Dale performs several times throughout the conference day, providing 10-15 minute performance booster breaks giving delegates a good laugh, a full heart and a fresh mind.

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