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A Brief List Of Helpful Songwriting Resources

Home of SASS - Student Alliance Of Student Songwriters)

The Muses Muse Songwriting Resource Site

The Craft Of Songwriting Resource Site

Lyrical Line Resource Site

The Guru Of Songwriting's Site

Performing Songwriter Magazine

Independent Songwriter Resource Site

Lyricist Resource Site

American Songwriter Resource Site

Songwriter's Resource Network

A Few Of Dale's Favourite Songwriters

Ron Sexsmith's Website    David Francey's Website

Martyn Joseph's Website    Chuck Brodsky's Website

Sarah Harmer's Website    The Weakerthan's Website

Kimbal Siebert's Website    Maria Dunn's Website

Karla Anderson's Website    Paul Bellow's Website

John Gorka's Website    Dar Williams' Website

The Wailin' Jennys Website    Steve Bell's Website

David Wilcox's Website    Pierce Pettis's Website

Joel Kroeker's Website    Nathan Wiley's Website

Greg Macpherson's Website   Ann Vriend's Site

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