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Dale's Story

Laughter, tears, new found perspective, joy...the responses to Dale's keynote concerts are predictable and the buzz outside his session is always fun to experience. People whistling "These are the Glory Days" or humming "Everybody Knows How To Pet A Dog" or laughing at Dale's stories of work and life.

Dale's songs and stories find the heart.

But what makes Dale's performances so inspiring? One wellness coordinator described the impact Dale made on her group: "Dale's songs strike at the heart of real wellness..."

The president of the Alberta Guidance Counselors used similar words to describe Dale's keynote at their conference: "...His music and songs go far beyond the limitation of words and ideas, but to a place where people relate - to the heart..." Audiences connect with Dale's humour, his stories and his beautiful songs, and somehow - the combination of words and music find the heart.

Dale's songs have left their mark across the country. He has shared concert, festival and conference stages with major national artists like The Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page, Murray McLaughlin and The Wailin' Jennys to name only a few. He has played Folk Festivals across Canada - including the prestigious Edmonton Folk Festival. He has been nominated for 3 Prairie Music Awards including SOCAN's Outstanding Songwriter.

How did Dale get to where he is today?

Follow the thread of wellness and you'll find out Dale completed his Bachelor of Education from the University of Winnipeg. It was during his 5 year stint as a Junior High teacher that Dale developed his passion for wellness.

In his first year as a teacher in Alberta, Dale was awarded the divisional New Teacher of The Year Award. He spent his year inspiring children in creative ways, but he also observed teachers struggling with resiliency and burnout.

Dale began to understand what people really needed - some appreciation, a feeling of value and a voice to express themselves. Dale began to write songs about the journey of wellness.

Teachers instantly connected with Dale's songs and stories. Dale began receiving invitations to present his innovative session at major education, wellness and nursing conferences. The music took the message further than words ever could.

Others, inspired by his songs, commissioned Dale to write conference theme songs including the National Emergency Nurses Conference, The World Congress of Psychiatric Nursing and the National Health Work and Wellness Conference to name only a few.

For Dale, his passion for wellness is simple: "It's time we learn to smile again. I dream of motivating people to regain their passion for work, their passion for life and most importantly their sense of humour. This is real wellness."

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