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1. Successful Songwriting In The Classroom: Even You Can Do It!

The artistic language of today's youth is definitely the song. This session will introduce songwriting as an effective tool to use in the classroom. Dale proves songwriting as a practical multidisciplinary art that is accessible to many. Delegates will receive practical tools and will be inspired to give songwriting a try in their own classrooms.

2. "At-Risk" Student Success Stories

Hear some creative ideas from schools, communities and clubs around Canada. Music, the arts, sports - the impact on the lives of individual students can be incredible.

3. Candid Discussion Of Stress And Teaching

This session is a follow-up session to the keynotes above and is a forum for teachers to discuss the stresses they have in their teaching world and in their own lives. This session provides a safe environment for candid talk, brainstorming and goal setting towards a healthier well being for any teacher.

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