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Dale Nikkel: Home and Away (2020)

Listen to 'Home and Away' on Spotify: here

Fighting Upstream
Arizona Fire
Cold Blue Day
Safe in the Arms of Love
Finally Home (Here in Ontario)
Freeze This Frame
Highway to St. Anthony
Thanks and Gratitude
Sparrow’s Landing
Old Friend
This Old Friend

Dale Nikkel: Spark (2013)

Download 'Spark' through iTunes: here
Order your copy at CDBaby here

The Fire
Land This Plane
What If
The Day Is Coming
Erdman's Journey (Home)
Apple Cart
Third Floor Window Pain
The Fire (Reprise)

Dale Nikkel: Second Hand (2009)
Order your copy at Indiepool here

Old Songbird (Download Free MP3 Now)
Big World, Small Boy
Take the Time You Need
Grandfather Clock
Option A
Erdman's Journey
The Speed of Sound
Stone Cold Cathedral
Hush Little Lullaby
Listen to the Voices
Lord, is it the Beer?

Dale Nikkel: Passages (2006)
Purchase 'Passages' through iTunes' here
Order at CD Baby here

These are the Glory Days
Worrying's My Way of Loving You
Everybody Knows How to Pet a Dog
Closer to the Flame
Any Day
Easy to Drift
Westminster Morning
Here We Go Again
Silver and Gold (Download Free MP3 Now)
Listen Close

Dale Nikkel: Still Learning Tricks (2002)
Buy a copy through CD Baby here

Can We Let Each Other Change
Time to Live (Download Free MP3 Now)
It Isn't Hard to Grow Old
Postcards from Home
All I Have to go On
A Few More Clues
Let the Pigeons Fly
This New Leaf
Cheers My Love

Dale Nikkel: Self Titled (1999)
Contact to purchase a copy

Happy Bus Rider
Hold On Tight
Bleak Midwinter
Circus Games
Tears Came Down Today
For Kimberly
Labrador and Boyhood Peace

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