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"Dale's songs strike at the heart of real wellness. I first saw Dale at a national wellness conference and was blown away by the feeling that he left us with. Dale refreshes his audience in ways that are hard to describe. He reaches into areas not touched by typical wellness sessions. He encourages expression, reflection and the importance of humour in finding wellness. His songs are about the journey of life, of work and of healing. His stories engage the audience, his humour shines and each attendee is left feeling sunnier about work and all areas of life."
Kailo Wellness Coordinator, Halton Health Care, Ontario

Dale has a gift that needs to be shared. His perspective on life, his interest in people, and his passion come out in his songs and music. A welcome edition to any conference or gathering. His session is bound to be a popular one.
-R. McPhee, Past Superintendent of Elk Island Public Schools, Sherwood Park, AB

Registered Psychiatric Nurses form across Canada and around the world were moved to tears as Dale Nikkel performed his originally composed song about Psychiatric Nurses.Having Dale compose and perform his original song brought a very unique and personal touch to our World Congress for Psychiatric Nurses. Dale was able to capture the multiple complexities of the profession, and the essence of the compassion embedded within Psychiatric Nurses. I would recommend Dale to any conference that is looking for a unique and talented approach in touching the hearts of their conference delegates.
-B. Lowe, Chair, World Congress for Psychiatric Nurses
Executive Director, College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta
Director, Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada

"Emergency Nurses from across Canada gave Dale a standing ovation. They laughed, they cried and were touched deeply by his songs that struck at the heart of the joys and struggles of emergency nursing. The song he composed for our national conference was especially touching and highlighted the entire spectrum of life in the emergency department. Stressful professions, like nursing, are in need of a voice to express their stressful feelings and I would highly recommend Dale to present at your conference and even better yet, compose a song. Your group will leave refreshed and renewed."
Conference Chair, National Emergency Nurses Conference, Kelowna, BC

"Dale Nikkel entertained our staff with a delightful concert of teacher-themed songs. It was a skillfully balanced presentation of humour and pathos drawn from his experiences as a teacher, husband and father. We were charmed by his personal warmth and creativity and we were thoroughly entertained by his artful musical skills and beautiful voice. We would gladly recommend Dale to any organization looking for professional entertainment that is fun and well crafted."
B. Ardern, Past-President, The Manitoba Teachers' Society

"Having Dale at our conference was a very nice touch and we hope that we can have him again in the near future. The fact that Dale is also a teacher and his own experiences to relate to carries a lot of weight with fellow teachers. Dale's performance at our conference-ending banquet was inspirit to say the least - ending with a huge standing ovation."
Jimmy Jacquard, Past-President Nunavut Teachers Association

"Beautiful Plains School Division hired Dale Nikkel to provide entertainment at a Divisional workshop. It was our intent to bring some humour and thought provoking music into the day. Dale did not let us down. Throughout the day Dale sang original songs that resonated with teachers in a positive way at many different levels. As the organizer of the day, I received a great deal of positive feedback on Dales musical messages and the manner in which they were performed. I would not hesitate to recommend Dale to other groups. Should you wish to talk to me personally about Dales performance, I would be happy to do so."
-R. Derksen, Former Superintendent, Beautiful Plains School Division, Manitoba

"Dale Nikkel, our Keynote speaker for the 2005 Guidance and Counselling Conference, gently motivated and inspired us to make the most of our conference sessions, while reminding us to enjoy the amazing beauty surrounding us in Banff. He struck a chord in more ways than one in that his music and songs go far beyond the limitation of words and ideas, but to a place where people relate - to the heart. Stress, challenge and fatigue grip our profession and Dale spoke to these issues encouraging humour, perspective and joy. I would highly recommend him for any conference and guarantee that your delegates will be touched and refreshed."
-ATA Guidance Council Past President

"Dale's live performance is captivating. An engaging songwriter and storyteller...Dale has an ability to connect with people about all areas of life. His performance, mixed with humor and seriousness are bound to be a huge hit for your conference."
-K. Beaton, Past President, Edmonton Public Teachers Local #37

"I am delighted to recommend Dale for any gathering related to health and wellness. We brought Dale in to speak and entertain at various times during our conference, and also asked him to compose a song related to workplace wellness. He did not disappoint. Dale took ideas from delegates and weaved them together in a song that he presented at a later session - the song captured the emotions and issues that our delegates are facing in their workplaces. Dale proved his versatility throughout our conferencein Montreal. He played beautiful background music in the lounge during our wine and cheese reception, he provided an excellent breakout session, and delighted our group by performing the song he wrote during a keynote session. After Dale's session, one participant commented "I've learned that it's important to express your pain first, and then learn to laugh about the situation." I would highly recommend Dale. We found him to be professional, poignant, talented and willing to work with us to meet our needs. His songs are bound to leave your group refreshed."
D. Jones, Conference Chair, National Health Work, and Wellness Conference Montreal

"I loved the song. It was a spectacular but elegant tribute not only to the few days we spent working with representatives from rural Canada but to the vital role of the rural Canada itself."
Gord Steeves, Past-President, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Winnipeg City Councillor, St. Vital

"Dale has a gift of being able to put into words and music the very essence of a gathering. He creates a song that connects the people to the topic and presents an A-1 summary... Way to go, Dale!"
Deborah Grey, O.C. M.P. (Ret'd)

"We wanted to find a special way to thank a group of employees who had volunteered so much of their personal time to help others who were less fortunate. We held a small reception and Dale was the entertainment for this special evening. As soon as Dale began to play, sing and tell his stoires, our employees and their spouses were immediately swept away to a place of utter peace and comfort. Every single person in that room was moved and,every single person left that night feeling special and at total peace. Thanks to Dale it was an amazing night!"
Robert P. Sicard, President and CEO, UPI Energy LP

-Edmonton Audience Member

"Dale's session provided our teachers with some much needed humour and a boost of energy to enter the second half of the school year. He engaged our staff through his songs, stories and insights specific to teaching. I would recommend Dale's session as a keynote, opener or closer for a PD day. He will get laughs, tears and touch at the heart of teacher wellness."
-Past Superintendent, Evergreen School Division, Manitoba

"Dale has a gift for seeing life through passionate eyes, and translating the vision through his music; music that is laced with emotion. He reminds me of the styles of James Taylor and Jim Croce, Where listening to the lyric sends the mind into drifting thought."
-F. Belyea, Principal

“From his thoughtful lyrics to his evocative music, with his gracious manner and gentle sense of humour, Dale uses some of the narrative of his own life experience to inspire others to reflect on theirs. With his focus on teaching, nursing, parenting and chaplaincy – among other caring vocations - Dale weaves wisdom and wit that encourages and empowers.”
(Rev.) John Lougheed, Spiritual Care Provider, Grand River Hospital and Regional Cancer Centre, Waterloo Region, ON

"folk pop treasure. James Taylor fans will swoon!"
-Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

"... a new standard for prairie folk-pop...Dale Nikkel has mastered his craft."
-D. Ward, CKUA Radio

"much too young to be writing songs with that wisdom"
-A. Donnelly, The Celtic Show, AB

Hauntingly beautiful
-A New Fan In Edmonton

"Dale provides reflection and humour in his musical portrayal of the challenges and rewards of an educator ....a fun-filled insight into his philosophy education..."
J.R. Wiens, Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba.

Great Songs. Gorgeous!
-D. Francey, 2 Time Juno-Award Winning Folk Singer

Dale's humour shines. Our staff felt we related to him, as he himself had been a former teacher. I would gladly recommend Dale Nikkel's session..Dale's format of presentation through song and discussion allowed us to reflect on our careers and how important it is to take care of ourselves.
-PD Chair Pine Creek School Division

"Amazingly honest"
-Gladstone Delegate

"You need to see him."
-Manitoba Teacher

"Amazing, you hit the nail right on the head."
-Gladstone Teacher.

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